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Rhode Island JCI Senate COMMUNITYWIDE News TESTIMONIAL A really nice gathering with a great atmosphere was celebrated for former RI JAYCEE President & RI JCI Senator J ohn J. Clarke, Jr. with his lovely wife, Judy Photo by Alice Losasso ~ West Valley Inn, W. Warwick, RI 3-05-11 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Region One Day at the JFK Library Saturday, March 26, 2011 Have you ever wanted to visit the JFK Library? The special exhibit at the Library now celebrates the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s election. Region One could have a social to tour the Library/Museum on Saturday, March 26, 2011. * 11 am Meet at the JFK Library, Zero Morrissey Boulevard, South Boston . There is ample free parking. Tickets are $10 each for those ages 62 and older, or $12 for adults. If you are under 62 and have AAA membership, you pay $10. The Library/Museum opens at 10 am. If you wish to arrive before 11 am, you can have coffee and a muffin in the Library’s café near the front door. Arrive and buy your own ticket. * 1 pm Our tour is complete. We drive two miles to a restaurant with free parking for a light lunch and some visiting. Directions will be provided to get there. When you are ready to go home we will provide directions to Route 93 N and S. Please notify Region VP Kathy Collins #51469 by March 15 if you would like to attend. Email address is 617 328-4577 or 617 645-5958 (cell) Please list the names of the Senators and spouses/guests who will be coming, email addresses, and if each will come for Library Only or Library and Lunch. The JFK Library is located just south of Boston , off Exit 14 of Route 93, and just off Morrissey Boulevard . The UMass-Boston campus, Massachusetts State Archives and Commonwealth Museum are on the same peninsula. This is an optional Region One social, no one must attend, but it could be fun. After a long winter, why not do something you always thought about, and do it with your JCI Senate friends. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Region 1 Presidents and Interested Region 1 Senators: -------------------------------------------------- JCI Operation Hope - Japan's Earthquake Relief We have received the request below from US JCI Senate President Mike O'Connell requesting our prompt assistance to JCI Operation Hope. The funds we contribute will be used to assist those in need from the earthquake and destruction experienced in Japan this week. Japan has said that this disaster is its greatest challenge since World War II. Please read the emails below from President Mike and from past JCI President Scott Greenlee asking for our support and discuss with your board to see if your state could make a contribution now. I will be making a contribution. Many thanks, Kathryn Collins #51469 Region 1 VP -- 2010-2011 US JCI Senate "ONE Fantastic Region" From: Michael O'Connell Date: Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 9:21 PM Subject: FW: JCI Operation Hope - Help Japan TODAY! Fellow Senators – Below is a request for assistance to Japan from Past JCI President Scott Greenlee #60646. I encourage you to forward this message to our membership. While we may not be able to meet Scott’s timeline for personal delivery we can send checks to: JCI Operation Hope @ JCI World Headquarters, 15645 Olive Blvd,, Chesterfield, MO 63017. You have been asked to assist. Mike O'Connell #40225 39th USJCI Senate President From: Scott Greenlee Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 7:42 PM To: Scott Greenlee Subject: JCI Operation Hope - Help Japan TODAY! Importance: High Friends - I am sure that like myself, you have been watching the events in Japan and thinking of our JCI (Jaycees) family. I have many friends there who are struggling. Their SG was stranded in downtown Tokyo for 24 hours. Many of the members of JCI Sendai have lost everything and some are even still unaccounted for. This is the home of the 2007 JCI Treasurer Tak Goto who is the current Foundation Chairman, a great friend, and one of the most generous people I know. I was pleased to get a message from him that he is physically ok, but as noted, several of their members are not accounted for at this time. JCI Japan and its members are among the first to take action whenever JCI projects call for support. Whether when Operation Hope is activated to invest in sustainable recovery in disaster-stricken areas or when JCI Nothing But Nets raises funds to fight malaria, JCI Japan members can be counted on to respond. Today these same individuals are the ones who are most in need of our action and our sympathies. JCI will work with JCI Japan to coordinate projects to evaluate the needs of the affected areas and address them to sustain the nation’s recovery from this tragedy. JCI members around the world are encouraged to offer what support they can to help Japan overcome this disaster and return life to normal for millions of citizens. In 2005, JCI started JCI Operation Hope as a charitable arm of JCI, largely with the help of JCI Japan, to help with recovery from natural disasters. The background from the JCI website is below. I am asking you to give very generously to this cause, and quickly. I will be headed to Asia on Thursday of next week, and would like to take as many checks with me to present to the 2011 JCI World President, Kentaro Harada, from Japan. This fund has NO OVERHEAD – 100% goes to relief as it is managed by the JCI Executive Board, and the staff that is already at JCI manages it. As such please also ask friends, family, and coworkers if they want to help the situation and collect their donation as well. I would ask that you give GENEROUSLY today – personally, with your chapter/district/region/state, your business, etc. If you mail a donation to me today I will get it to present in person. I will also be somewhere Wednesday night where you can drop off checks or cash which would be converted to a check with each person getting a receipt for tax purposes. I will let you know where you can drop off your donation in a day or two on Wednesday night. I can also pick up in Lansing and Grand Rapids if needed. But in the mean time, if you can, please mail your check today. Make your check payable to: JCI Operation Hope Mail to: Scott Greenlee 1502 Manton NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 Please review below and call me with any questions, and please feel free to forward to others. And please give generously. From the JCI Website: Background In December of 2004, deeply affected by the tsunamis in Southeast Asia, countless JCI members all over the world expressed their desire to help the victims. To promote and coordinate relief efforts worldwide, 2005 JCI President Kevin Cullinane approved JCI Operation Hope, which was officially launched January 1, 2005. "JCI Operation Hope is our first effort in years to involve our JCI community towards such a large project and make things happen with our hands rather than through the hands of someone else," said Secretary General Edson A. Kodama. During 2005, JCI members in countries affected by the tsunamis received assistance from JCI members from many other countries, as well as from other contributors, such as Dr. Dato Tan Hian Tsin. Those donations were effectively used to assist tsunami victims, primarily children. In Sri Lanka, for example, fishermen who had lost their boats received boats, and children who had lost their school were provided with a new, modernized school. In January 2006, the JCI Board of Directors considered the success of JCI Operation Hope in 2005 and the need to assist other areas of the world that were facing disasters. JCI President Lars Hajslund asked Board members to discuss a new policy regarding JCI Operation Hope. SG Edson Kodama observed that the numerous tragedies in 2005 demonstrated that it was necessary to create a permanent JCI fund to assist victims. Thus, the 2006 JCI Board of Directors approved the new “Policy 18-14, JCI Operation Hope," as proposed by General Legal Counsel Graham Hanlon, which reads as follows: POLICY 18-14. JCI OPERATION HOPE: “A permanent fund made up of donations from members and non-members shall be maintained to assist, through JCI members, the victims of natural or other disasters. The fund shall be administered by the Executive Committee." JCI Executive Vice President Shoji Okuhara, appointed JCI Operation Hope Taskforce Chairman at the 2005 World Congress in Vienna, reported on activities conducted to provide relief and focused on plans for the future. For example, he said JCI Japan members would continue assisting abandoned orphans on the Island of Nias, Indonesia. He added that he was planning to go to Pakistan, where earthquakes had caused extensive damage, to see how JCI could help. In 2008, JCI members in various areas of the world are facing serious challenges and are requesting assistance from their fellow members in other countries. Thanks So Much! Scott Greenlee 616-301-5058 Cell ______________________________________________________________________________________ GREETINGS everyone, Attached you will find the flyer for he Region I Jci Senate Caucus. If you know of any Senators in your state who did not receive this notice, please inform them of the same. Thanks for your time. Walter UNITED STATES JCI SENATE REGION ONE SPRING CAUCUS Saturday, May 7, 2011 THE RED BLAZER RESTAURANT 72 Manchester Street Concord, New Hampshire (Exit 13 off Route 93) Name: _______________________ Senate # ________ State _____ Name: _______________________ Senate # ________ State _____ Address: _____________________________________________ E-mail (opt.) __________________________________________ Telephone No. _________________________ COST: $12.00 per person – Sandwich and salad buffet; coffee, tea, and soda Make checks payable to: NH JCI Senate. Mail to: Jim Powers 17 Adams Avenue Merrimack, NH 03054 Inquiries: call Charlie Welch @ 603-339-2969 or e-mail Room opens at 11:30 am Meeting starts at 12:00 noon Lunch at 12:30 pm Meeting continues after lunch The agenda may include: Welcome to New Hampshire / Charlie Welch, President Region One Secretary Report Region One Treasurer Report Final report – 2010 Fall Frolic / Massachusetts Interim report – 2011 Fall Frolic / Connecticut Thoughts – 2012-2013 Fall Frolic / New England Individual State ’s Comments / Region One Presidents Report - Region One presence at 2011 USJCI Senate Annual Meeting USJCI Senate NVP Report – Kathy Collins Election of USJCI Senate National Vice President for 2011-2012 Directions to The Red Blazer Restaurant: Take Route 93 North from RI, CT, or MA Take Exit 13; turn right at bottom of ramp. Restaurant is on the right about 1 mile from Rt. 93 Take Route 101 from ME; go North on Route 93 to Exit 13; Follow as above. Take Route 89 from VT and Route 93 North to Exit 13; Follow as above. We welcome your comments and feedback at Fighting Malaria By Land and By Sea JCI members are taking the fight against malaria to new extremes. Whether racing through the desert or across the open sea, members are finding new and creative ways to raise funds and awareness for JCI Nothing But Nets. Find out how you can get involved and start racing to save lives by sending nets. Change of Dates: 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit Join other young active citizens and leaders from the three sectors, business, government and civil society, the 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit from June 20 to 23, 2011 in New York City. Learn more and register today. Sustainable Business for a Better World JCI’s commitment to the UN Global Compact advances sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in a competitive global market. Sign up your company and, National or Local Organization and align its operations with these the ten principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Making Global Impact Begins With You JCI has designated the month of March, a JCI Impact Month. Use this month to empower others in your community to take responsibility for the success of their hometowns. Encourage your peers to use positive change to transform their lives and the world around them. Launch into Action in 2011 Embark on a new journey with the first edition of the 2011 JCI Be Better Newsletter by planning for the 2011 JCI Events, reading more about the JCI Active Citizen Framework and taking the fight against malaria to the next level. Download the Be Better Print Newsletter. JCI 2010: A Year of Impact Reflect on the past year and the positive change JCI has created around the world. Revisit the exciting cities, which hosted the 2010 JCI Area Conferences and World Congress. 2010 JCI President Roland Kwemain shares his best moments from 2010 and looks to a bright future for 2011 with the JCI Year in Review. JCI Trainers: Time to Update Online Database All trainers in the JCI database must update their records by adding their date of birth and the name of their JCI Local Organization on the JCI members website. Starting in April, all JCI Local Presidents will be asked to confirm and list all active or inactive trainers of their respective Local Organization, which requires age and Local Organization affiliation from each JCI trainer. Read more about how to update the online database. Register now for JCI Area Conference Programs As you are planning your travels to the Area Conferences this summer, sign up now for JCI Public Speaking Championships, JCI Debating Championships and JCI Twinning. Submit Now for 2011 JCI Awards The next 2011 JCI Awards winner could be you or your Local or National Organization! JCI National and Local Organizations can now submit their award entries for the JCI Area Conferences. Set an example with by submitting your outstanding project award entry now. Award submission deadlines for Area Conferences are as follows: April 4: Americas April 11: Africa and the Middle East April 25: Asia and the Pacific May 2: Europe Answers to Your Nothing But Nets Questions After his recovery from malaria, George Clooney partnered with The New York Times columnist Nick Kristof to take questions about malaria in order to raise awareness and educate others. Read more about the importance of the global movement to end malaria. Partnership Survey JCI World Headquarters is currently conducting an audit of all partnerships to gain a better understanding of which partnerships JCI members find are most beneficial in communities around the world. Take the survey now. Read perspectives on sustainability in the UN Global Compact Blog February 2011 United Nations Global Compact Bulletin JCI in the Media Read the recent news coverage of local JCI activities and events around the world. Submit the coverage your Local Organization receives to share your story with other JCI members. Subscribe to JCI News in English, español, français, Deutsch, 日本語, 한국어, or 中文. Visit the JCI Website for more information. Fighting Malaria By Land and By Sea Change of Dates: 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit Sustainable Business for a Better World Making Global Impact Begins With You Launch into Action in 2011 JCI 2010: A Year of Impact JCI Trainers: Time to Update Online Database Register now for JCI Area Conference Programs Submit Now for 2011 JCI Awards Answers to Your Nothing But Nets Questions Partnership Survey Read perspectives on sustainability in the UN Global Compact Blog February 2011 United Nations Global Compact Bulletin JCI in the Media March 31: Deadline to receive bids and deposits for the 2013 JCI World Congress April 4: Deadline to submit JCI Awards for the Americas April 11: Deadline to submit JCI Awards for Africa and the Middle East April 18: Deadline to register for JCI Area Conference Programs for the Americas April 25: Deadline to submit JCI Awards for Asia and the Pacific April 27: Deadline to register for JCI Area Conference Programs for Africa and the Middle East E-News #2011 – 17 1 March 2011 · Region IX · Year End Slideshow · Directory Change · Chaplain’s Report · Coming Events ______________________________________________________________________________________ JCI SENATE REGION 9 MEETING HOSTED BY MONTANA “Western Roundup” May 13th, 14th & 15th, 2011 TRANSPORTATION: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Montana Located near Historic Butte and Anaconda, Montana Easily accessed right off Interstate 90, only 15 miles west of Butte, Montana’s Bert Mooney Airport. ENTERTAINMENT AND ACTIVITIES: The Resort has two naturally heated Olympic size Hot Spring Pools, two soaking pools, (accessible 24hrs) and an enclosed 350 foot water slide. A beautiful 18 Hole Golf course on premise. Spring Water Café, Mile High Dining Room and Whiskey Joe’s Lounge. Historic Butte, Montana tours, Pintler Scenic Mountain Drives, The Copper King Historic Activities and many, many other friendly places to investigate and enjoy Montana’s rich History. Anacondas Old Works Golf Course. Fishing, hiking and picnicking. ACCOMMODATIONS: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort - Phone 406-797-3241 $104.00 per night + tax. RV Park with full hook ups, Tent camping facilities, Cabins and many amenities is just up the road from the Resort. AGENDA: We will have the capabilities of hosting a special get acquainted Cocktail Party on Friday Evening, then enjoying the beautiful night on our own to soak up the wonderful Montana Sky while relaxing in the Outdoor Hot Spring Pools. Bring you Bathing Suits Friday Evening Cocktail Get Acquainted Party – Includes Hors D’ Oeuvres with Cash Bar Saturday Afternoon Region 9 JCI Senate Meeting begins around 2pm. We will combine our Montana State JCI Senate meeting with the Region 9 Meeting. Saturday Evening will be exciting with a traditional Western Flair Cocktail Party and Banquet. Sunday Morning will start with a Breakfast and then move right into a wide range of activities scheduled for your specific interests. Web sites - or for additional activity ideas!! JCI SENATE REGION 9 MEETING HOSTED BY MONTANA “Western Roundup” May 13th, 14th & 15th, 2011 REGISTRATIONS FULL REGISTRATION $ 80.00 per person - does not include room Fairmont Hot Springs Resort- $104.00 per night + tax. 1500 Fairmont Road Fairmont, MT 59711 1-800-332-3272 Name: _________________________ Senate Number#____________ Spouse: __________________________Senate Number#___________ Address_____________________________________________________ City_______________________ State____________________________ Email: _____________________Phone:__________________________ Total Amount Enclosed __________ We will have time to get out and hit the golf course or head for the hills. Check if you would like to play golf. So we can get a count. Saturday Morning Golf Fairmont is: Jack Nicklaus Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda _______ Golf 18 Holes with Cart$35.00 ______ Golf 18 Holes with Cart $65.00 ______ Golf 9 Holes with Cart $25.00 Includes Practice Balls _______A tour of Historic Butte; including the Copper King Mansions, the Butte Underground, the Berkeley Pit and the World Museum of Mining, plus lots of time to investigate the wonderful shopping throughout the whole region!!! (Basis and are Individual Cost). Send Registrations to : Montana JCI Contact: Susan Barta Deborah Roberts email: 5144 Sea Biscuit Dr Phone: 406-538-4610 Helena, MT 59602 _____________________________________________________________________________________ President Mike is preparing for the conclusion of our year and has asked me to provide those of you with camera phones, Minoltas and even Brownie Hawkeyes to send the pictures you have taken of your picnics, socials, meetings and activities with your Jaycees throughout the course of this “Remember the Past – Grow the Future” Year to Jim Coulson, Michigan JCI Senator #62799, who is putting the slide show together. Jim can be contacted at: Thanks for your contributions! Please send your pictures sooner rather than later. Doug Dempsey #44206 Chief of Staff ______________________________________________________________________________________ MA Interim Treasurer Charles Dick # 39434 44 Nellie Street Providence, RI 02904 H (401) 331-4918 C (401) 536-2564 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Chaplains Report March 1, 2011 Sharing the Joys California Bobby #38558 & Karen Spiegel were honored with the Legacy Award as: pillars of Congregation Beth Shalom and woven into the fabric of the City of Corona, Riverside County, and the State of California. Both previously served as Corona Jaycees Chapter Presidents, (as did their eldest daughter Tanya) and Bobby as California Jaycees ‘86-'87 State President. Bobby currently serves as President / CEO of the Corona Chamber of Commerce, while Karen was re-elected as a council member for the City of Corona. Needing our Prayers Georgia Lori Palo (Senator #66475): Her mother was admitted into ICU recently. Brenda Coleman Swank (Senator #67214): Her mother is having surgery to determine what degree of cancer she has. Iowa Jennifer Martinson of Traer was badly hurt in a head on car accident. Jennifer is a former Gladbrook Jaycee and the daughter of Greg Cluts #31035.Jennifer is in critical but stable condition with many broken bones and they are working on pain management. The following is the address to send well wishes: University of Iowa Hospital Rm. 6JCW. Iowa City, IA. 52240. Saturday, February 26th was her 40th birthday. Adam Eilers nephew of David and Geri Eilers #60247 was critically injured in an IED attack in Afghanistan. He is a member of 133rd. At last report he was still in an Afghan hospital with internal injuries and broken bones. Geri and David's address is P.O. Box 10 Gladbrook IA, 50635. New Jersey Joe Fodor's #45248 Dad, Robert Fodor (a South Plainfield Jaycee back in the 60's), is having open heart surgery 3/1/11. Rhode Island Ron Grandchamp # 16201 is recovering after having double knee replacement surgery. Cards and get well wishes can be sent to him at: 40 Sheffield Avenue, Newport RI 02840. Sharing the Tears Maryland Sympathy is expressed to Kathy Crum #63772 on the death of her father-in-law. Condolences can be sent to Bob and Kathy Crum, 8804 Spring Road, Parkville, MD 21234. Sympathy is expressed to Carol Applegate #49685 and husband Pat Applegate #34996 on the death of Carol's father. Condolences can be sent to Carol and Pat Applegate, 4001 Chesley Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206. Massachusetts Al Jones # 68251, Treasurer of the MA JCI Senate passed away on 2/23/11. Cards and condolences can be sent to his wife: Mary Anne Johnston # 65901 103 Camden Street, Dracut, MA 01826. Ralph Armstead, Senator # 10657 passed away November 16. He was a former member of the Easton Jaycees, and lived in Easton. Nancy Carney's mother passed away 2/27/11. Nancy is Friendship # 031 and husband Paul is # 10861.Cards and condolences can be sent to them at: PO Box 463, North Falmouth, MA 02556. Minnesota Fred Coller #15798, Past President of the MN JCI Senate lost his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer on 2-20-11. Fred was the father of Caryn Coller #59584. Condolences can be sent to JoAnn Coller 906 S Ramsey Street, Shakopee, MN 55379 and Caryn Coller 5439 Deerwood Drive, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 John Mark Schad, age 83, passed away with his family by his side Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011, at the V.A. Medical Center in Minneapolis. John was the father of Cindy Huschle, Honorary MN JCI Senator and father in law of Dean Huschle #55451 past President of the MN JCI Senate. Condolences can be sent to Dean and Cindy at 700 Headley Court, Northfield MN 55057. Ray Mattson #30248, passed away on November 30 2010 from a massive heart attack. Cards can be sent to his wife, Joyce, at: 8859 Greenwood Blvd., New Kent, VA 23124. Bruce St. Marie, brother of Senator Keith St. Marie #67852 and brother-in-law of Senator Brenda St. Marie #67851 passed away recently in Walker MN. Condolences can be sent to Keith and Brenda St. Marie 3780 Centerwood Road, Lexington MN 55014. Missouri Kurt Wise, the oldest son of Steve Wise #31207, has succumbed in his long battle with Leukemia on Thursday, February 17 in Tampa, Florida, where he had been living. Steve Wise was the 1976-77 President of the Monett Jaycees and 1981-82 President of the Missouri Jaycees. Condolences can be sent to Steve and Alice at 1102 West County Street, Monett MO 65708 David Hoven Sr. #05524, the Charter President of the Pacific Jaycees passed away on Sunday, February 20. Condolences can be sent to the Hoven Family at P.O. Box 443, Pacific MO 63069 New Jersey Edith Weiss, grandmother in-law of John Shelby Wells #25672, past President of the NJ JCI Senate passed away 2/21/11. New York Senator Joseph Johnson #35305 passed away recently. Joe was a longtime member of the Colonie Jaycees in the 1980's and 1990's. He served as President, District Director and proudly achieved a Senatorship. North Carolina John “JO” Williams, father of Pam Padgett #51341 and a retired Marine passed away on Feb. 13th. Condolences can be sent to Pam at 610 Independence Dr., Jacksonville NC 28546. Ohio Please keep Carol Ann Hall in your thoughts and prayers. In the past few weeks deceased Past President Jim Hall’s #16055 Mom and Carol Ann’s Mom passed away. Both Memorial Services will be held this week. Condolences can be sent to Carol Ann at P.O. Box 219, Urbana OH 43078. West Virginia Gene Chute #48436 of Sistersville passed away on Monday, February 14. Sympathy cards can be sent to Linda Chute, 107 Ash Lane, Sistersville, WV 26175 Please continue to send information about our family to: Thank you; Randy Young #46420 USJCI Senate Chaplain ______________________________________________________________________________________ Coming Events: MARCH 4-6 Region VI Spring Meeting Branson MO 12 Ark Meeting Hot Springs 18-20 Region V Spring Fling Romulus MI 25-26 Region VII Spring Meeting Kenner LA 26 Region I Day at JFK Library ? 31-Apr3 MAI - Region II and III Meeting Timonium MD APRIL 7-10 Gathering of the Clans (Region X) TBA 8-10 Oregon Meeting Lincoln City 15-16 OK Annual Meeting TBA 15-17 Region IV-Calabash Bash Myrtle Beach SC 16 Jim Ollis Memorial Golf Tournament Myrtle Beach SC 22-24 Idaho Meeting Riggins 29-May1 Region VIII Meeting Denver CO 30-May2 ND Spring Meeting TBA MAY Nevada 2nd Reunion TBD 6-8 IL Spring Meeting Springfield IL 6-8 PA Year End Meeting TBA 7 Region 1 Caucus TBA 13-15 Region IX Meeting Butte MT 21 WVa Senate 40th Anniversary Morgantown, WVa 19-22 Canada Crew Meeting Victoria, BC 21 NC JCI Senate Meeting TBA NC RI JCI SENATE ANNUAL METING - May 24th JUNE 4 OK Senate Social Shrimp Boil/Ribfest TBA 12-17 US JCI Senate National Convention Naperville IL INTERNATIONAL March Event / Meeting Remarks 6 Communiqué regarding annual meeting, candidacies and elections ASAC Secretary release 20 Dead-line for receiving intentions of candidates to an ASAC Office Mail to ASAC Secretary 22 Notification to members for ASAC Annual Meeting ASAC Secretary release 22 Communiqué regarding registered candidates and By-law amendments ASAC Secretary release 27-31 9th. ASAC Electronic Forum promotion Web / ASAC Secretary release Contact: Carmen Torres, ASAC Secretary e-mail: April Event / Meeting Remarks 4-8 9th. ASAC Electronic Forum Web / ASAC Secretary release 8 Dead-line for receiving ASAC Officers annual reports Mail to ASAC Secretary 23 ASAC Officers annual reports release Web / ASAC Secretary release Contact: Carmen Torres, ASAC Secretary e-mail: May Event / Meeting Remarks 4-7 The Americas JCI Conference Willemstad, Curazao 5 First Timers program Willemstad, Curazao 5 2010-2011 ASAC Executive Committee meeting Willemstad, Curazao 6 10th. ASAC Annual General Meeting Willemstad, Curazao 7 2011-2012 ASAC Executive Committee meeting Willemstad, Curazao Contact: Carmen Torres, ASAC Secretary e-mail: 11-14 Africa and Middle East JCI Conference Bamako, Mali 15 Communiqué regarding 2011-2012 ASAC Executive Committee installation Web / ASAC Secretary release 15 2011-2012 ASAC Executive Committee Directory release Web / ASAC Secretary release 19-22 Canada JCI Senate Crew Meeting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Contact: Barney C. Ziola, Canada JCI Senate Secretary-Treasurer e-mail: 26-29 Asia and the Pacific JCI Conference Manila, Phillippines Contact: Jing Carlos e-mail: June Event / Meeting Remarks 1-5 European JCI Conference Tarragona, Catalonia Contact: Josep Marsal e-mail: 2 4th. Association of JCI Senators in Europe Board meeting Tarragona, Catalonia 4 Association of JCI Senators in Europe meeting Tarragona, Catalonia Contacto: Sue Miller ______________________________________________________________________________________ Off to a good start in the standings, but not so good in race finishes. The new point system is more to my liking. I will really show itself in the last 10 races. If someone has a bad race it does not put them out of contention. Sorry I did not make it to Pigeon Forge, I ended up with a viral infection and had to turn around and come home. Time and money spent in helping men do more for themselves is far better than mere giving. - Henry Ford Mar 01, 1692, The Salem Witch Hunt begins as Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne and Tituba, an Indian slave from Barbados, are charged with the illegal practice of witchcraft in Salem Village, Massachusetts. Jim Miller #34554 E-News Editor ______________________________________________________________________________